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What if all the energy used by your eating disorder

was used for stepping into your power

& living your soul mission?


What if issues with food and your body had nothing to do with your willpower, and everything to do with soul hunger?

What if disordered, self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs & patterns were no longer the driving force & title of your current chapter in life?

How would it feel to be deeply grounded in your feminine power, to embrace your highly sensitive nature and transform it into a source of strength & self-actualization? 

What if you moved through your daily life with a deeper sense of belonging, alignment & authenticity?

Do you ever feel...

→ stuck in limiting beliefs about who you are and can become?

→ scared of taking more space, of being seen as too wild or too bold?

→ unsure of what your desires are & what you want out of life?

→ confused by the seemingly incompatible nature of your inner self & the world in which you evolve ?   

→ entangled in disordered eating or an eating disorder?

→ obsessed by the idea of controlling your relationship with food?

→ disoriented in your eating patterns?

→ fearful your disordered patterns will be something you may go back to?

→ overwhelmed by shame & guilt related to your disordered patterns & the impact they have had on your life?

→ consumed by body hate & discomfort?     

→ saddened by the precious minutes of being alive lost on things you know will not matter on your death bed?

We believe this does not have to be your reality forever

In fact, we are convinced that deep cultural flaws in our societies lead to women to spending an abnormal proportion of their life obsessing about food, their bodies and weight.

This has led to an epidemic of women making themselves small, immersed in negative self talk and obsessive habits, enjoying life less and distracted from what they are actually on this planet for: bringing their passion, joy and gifts to impact the world, whilst enjoying life in their own bodies!

Can you imagine...

  • moving through daily life with a deep sense of belonging to yourself & to the wild
  • living an authentic & deeply fulfilling life regardless of your body shape, size or food preferences
  • feeling in alignment with your deeper self as you embody your sensitivity, your gifts & your feminine powers
  • having tools to tame your inner critic & transform negative body image
  • feeling at home in your body
  • experiencing food & movement as sources of joy and ease
  • hearing the whispers of your soul with clarity and letting them guide you to your unique mission, needs and desires
  • replacing the precious hours once spent on micromanaging food & your body with stepping into your mission, living our your passion & bringing your unique gifts to the world

If you long to live your life fully,

free from arbitrary rules & rooted in your soul,

we have something for you...

Welcome to

A 10 -week experience into the healing power of the feminine archetypes

for high sensitive women healing from disordered eating

and desiring to connect to their soul mission

A powerful 10-week online journey with two experts in the

personal development and eating disorder space

Experience the power of the group, in a safe space to heal, share and grow, with a combination of theoretical content, exercises, coaching and embodiment practices.

All of this together with our specific approach to eating disorder healing:

We believe that an eating disorder is only a symptom of a highly talented high sensitive woman.

As a high sensitive woman discovers her power, her way of functioning and starts stepping into

her soul mission, the "symptoms" also gradually diminish and heal.

OMG THANK YOU! What an adventure. This was SO powerful and FUN.

I loved it and have no regret!

The content was great, well structured, with a logical & good balance between theory and practice. 

The facilitators were GREAT – I absolutely loved that Emilie & Anne-Claire were perfectly complementary: in the content & knowledge they have, as well as their personalities. 
Each of them really had an added value.

Emilie, you are so good at this, your energy is wild and the passion that you transmit is INCREDIBLE! I love that you don’t give a F** about what others can think about you. Thank you for transmitting your magic, what a beautiful gift.

Anne-Claire, you inspire me by combining softness, calm, discipline & structure with self-awareness & knowledge, in a subject that is so abstract, unpredictable and subtle. You really gave me hope for the future.

- Caroline M., Belgium

Our Unique Approach

While we desire to create a safe and healing space for women who have current or past experience with ED/disordered eating, the content of this online journey is not centred around struggles with food as the main topic.

We are convinced that disordered eating patterns are a symptom of a deeper root issue: that of a highly sensitive person that has not been welcomed in their essence, nor taught how to live and express their mission in the world, without compromising their deepest needs and desires.

When a highly sensitive person does the deeper soul work to understand their functioning and progressively finds their way, symptoms also diminish and ultimately disappear. This process is a healing journey unique to each highly sensitive person.

Hence, more than focusing on the symptoms, this online program is a journey for the high sensitive woman who seeks deep soul nourishment, who knows deep down she has a mission in this world, and who wants to connect more deeply to her path.

Wow! This was more than I hoped for. I never wanted it to end! I have been surrounded by the most amazing women.

Emilie: Wow you are a force of nature, a true goddess! I can’t explain how honoured I am to have met you & learnt some of your wisdom. You have the most captivating way of explaining & an amazing essence to your being. You are so, so inspirational to me - your story & recovery give me hope that I, too, can recover.

Anne-Claire: You are so amazing - I am forever grateful. You are such a special human, so sure, connected and strong. You are inspirational - your wisdom is understated yet pouring out of you - a genuine guide everyone needs in their life & the ultimate teacher. Thank you for working with me. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today, here, without you. You are a life force.

- Ella C., United Kingdom

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Receive a private 1:1 session (90 minutes) with Emilie or Anne-Claire (YOU choose!)
Value: 150 EUR

When you join us for this online journey you receive...

Exclusive ALL-access to:

  • NEW pre-recorded videos & reading material for each module

  • Weekly journaling prompts
    to guide you through your journey

  • 10 LIVE group workshops
    (recorded in case you can’t join us live)

  • 10 Mindfulness practices (yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other embodiment practices)

  • Access to our Private Community on Facebook

  • Spread over 10 weeks : the journey starts in February 2023
    & will conclude with a Closing Ceremony in April 2023


  • A discount of 333 EUR - if you join us before December 31st


  • 1:1 session (90 minutes) with Emilie or Anne-Claire (YOU choose!)
    Value: 150 EUR - if you join us before Novembre 30th

Sneak preview of the content


Releasing shame, fear and attachment outside expectations (the good girl), to connect to your unique path & Inner Knowing


Nurturing balance, cultivating true self-love

learning to say NO & to take up space


Connecting to cycles & seasons, to the inner healer within, speaking & living your truth


Shifting from a stress and pressure-driven existence to a life guided by pleasure & desires, honouring your creative energy


Finding guidance in the unknown, tuning into the power of your inner wise woman

How the program is structured

Starts February 2022

The program includes

5 modules of 2 weeks

over 10 weeks

Every module includes:

  • Weekly LIVE CALL
    (Practice Call or Coaching Call)
  • A Sisterhood GROUP CHAT

Planting the seeds


Every module starts with a new set of pre-recorded video content and readings. You choose when you explore the topics, practices, skills, etc.

A few examples...

- How Can Archetypes Help with Healing?

- Being A High Sensitive (& Why It's Gold)

- Healing Your Body Image

- Building Self-Trust

Bringing the theory to life


Live workshop calls, in which we put the theory to practice together.

To make this journey as actionable as possible, these calls are created for you to bring new tools & concepts to life, with our guidance along the way!

You will have access to the replays in case you cannot make them live.

Exploring challenges together


Live group coaching calls, in which we put the theory to practice together.

These coaching calls will be an opportunity for YOU to make our support personal & effective, and to connect with the other women on this journey, learning from each other.

You will have access to the replays in case you cannot make them live.

Combining body and mind


Many of us live in our heads and feel cut off from the wisdom of our bodies. Healing requires a reconnection of mind & body.

You will receive different body practices every week such as yoga, meditation and dance exercises. The goal is to explore various modalities and find what resonates with you!

Most of these workshops will be recorded for you to practice at your own pace.

And to support you in going deeper...

Deepen your inner exploration


We will give you guided journaling prompts to help you commit to your own mindfulness practice through structured, reflective questions curated just for you. These will help with anchoring your inner work & the different topics we will be exploring together, into your daily life.

Experience the power of sisterhood


We desire to create safe space in which you will experience the power of the group. Learn from each other, feel seen, share your experiences & struggles, and find meaningful & authentic connection through live calls AND between workshops. The power of your journey will be continuously supported and amplified.

Regular Pricing
€ 1.555

Early Bird
(until December 31st, 2022 at midnight)

€ 1.222

Insert the Promotion Code "EARLYBIRD"

Extra Early Bird

(until November 30th, 2022 at midnight)

Receive a private 1:1 session (90 minutes) with Emilie or Anne-Claire (YOU choose!)
Value: 150 EUR

Words cannot describe how incredible the experience was. I feel completely changed.

I had no idea about witches and high sensitives - yet today these concepts have helped me so much! I feel I have understood myself at such deeper levels for the first time.

The workshops were very informative, and understandable for someone who had NO idea about any of the content prior. I felt relaxed and safe, and length was just perfect.

And you were beyond brilliant as facilitators!

You both made me feel SO welcome. Your presence is warm and joyful and you somehow always know the right thing to say.

I cannot express how grateful I am for your unassuming, non judgemental kindness. I can’t remember the last time I felt this safe, loved and cared for. Both of your knowledge of eating disorders and of the spiritual wisdom is impeccable and you communicate it so well.

Anne-Claire: It has been a genuine privilege to join. I have learned SO much about myself and I never thought I would enjoy yoga so much. You are honestly the kindest and most compassionate human I know.

Emilie: You are a formidable force of nature! You are bright, bold and not afraid to stand out. You have given me so much hope by educating us in a vibrant, coherent way.

I feel truly connected to ME and you’ve shown me that that’s OK!

- Rachel H., United Kingdom

Through the feminine archetypes, we offer you a journey of deep healing to reconnect to your wild feminine nature - that heals her soul & lives her purpose with passion.

Join us for a transformational journey.

Very well and beautifully put together! The content of the workshops is great - with a combination of good information and a good structure.

The facilitators were fabulous! A powerful combo that created a perfect balance.

Anne-Claire: I am so grateful to have been in your presence. You feel so grounded, quiet but with the right words at the right time. The balance between your softness, your power & your strength truly inspires me. 

Emilie: You rock, woman! Such an inspiration. Thank you for letting me feel freer. You took me by the hand, out of my comfort zone. I experienced moments of pleasure and joy which I will never forget.

- Maureen, The Netherlands

I was afraid this experience would be too esoteric for me, but NOT AT ALL!

I received only good things from this experience and managed to detach myself from habitual patterns.

Emilie, You are a SUNSHINE. An immense thank you for everything that you have transmitted to us like a gift. I don’t know what my future holds, but thanks to you, I know I have the resources to deal with it… or savour it!

Anne-Claire, Thanks to your yoga practices, you allowed my body and my spirit to be available and receptive to the knowledge you were sharing with us. Well done for this talent and thank you for this gift. That is so very precious and generous. 

Together, you were so complementary - Anne-Claire providing analytical understanding and Emilie the “letting go” energy. You were like parents who we can go to for different resources. You allowed me to get out of my usual patterns & I found a way to remain open & receptive to all the material you shared with us.

Thank you.

- Margot, Belgium

Meet your guides

Emilie Sickinghe

After 30 years of being a "good girl", rushing, stressing & submerged in "the rat race", Emilie connected to the fierce woman within herself and radically redefined her life as one rooted in inspiration, creativity, relaxation and pleasure. Part of this journey included overcoming the bulimia she suffered from for more that 15 years.

She now guides her clients back to their inner feminine powers, so they can rise up, rooted, and bring their gift to the world by stepping into a life of pleasure and passion.

Emilie is a professional coach who works with a wide variety of tools including NLP, systemic/family constellations, the enneagram, shamanism, personality structures, as well as intuitive dance and other somatic embodiment practices.

Instagram: @the.womans.way

Anne-Claire Jedrzejczak

A former finance professional, Anne-Claire’s eating disorder recovery journey led her from the high-paced corporate world to the study of yoga, and eventually to eating disorder recovery coaching. 

Weaving together teachings & practices from her extensive training through the Carolyn Costin Institute (CCI), yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga & Trauma-Informed), and her personal experience, Anne-Claire guides her clients, retreat & workshop attendees to meet their recovery goals, as well as transform their relationship with food, their body & themselves so they can live a healthy, authentic and fulfilling life, in a whole & embodied way.

Instagram: @path_to_recovered

Have any questions? Would you like to talk to us first?

Send us an email at and/or Or simply fill in the form to the right!

Your questions, answered

Who is this program for?

This is for any woman seeking to do some soul work after or while healing from from an eating disorder, disordered eating or a negative body image. As Anne-Claire likes to say "this is the sort of work I wish I had been able to be guided through when I had slain my biggest dragons, let go of many behaviours yet felt like a large void had been left behind, where those dragons still seemed attractive, where I would have gone back to them so very easily, had I not found a way to reconnect more deeply with my soul & body, and worked through deeper layers of my identity, self perception in order to find a sense of grounding and belonging to myself."

What if I am currently struggling with an eating disorder?

This is NOT a replacement for therapy or treatment. None of the facilitators is a licensed professional and cannot provide medical or psychological advice. This program is best suited to attendees who are medically stable, 18+ years of age, able/willing to engage with tasks, in a goal setting phase or maintenance phase of recovery. If you are actively struggling with an eating disorder currently, we kindly advise to ask your treatment team and/or GP if this is an appropriate choice for you at this time.

Does my (past) diagnosis matter?

No. Whether you even had a diagnosis or not, whether you suffered from an eating disorder or from a negative body image,... does not matter. Additionally, no experience with yoga or mindfulness practices is required, only a curious and open mind.

Who is leading this program and what is their experience?

Emily holds a degree in NLP, Transactional Analysis and Systemic Constellations (coaching & psychology) from Phoenix Opleidingen, and also trained as a professional enneagram coach at the School of Positive Enneagram.

Anne-Claire is a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach through the Carolyn Costin Institute as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT500) with over 600 hours of training.  

Will I fully heal from my eating disorder?

This is not a replacement for treatment. We will be exploring one of the layers involved with healing: the reconnecting to & nurturing of a deep relationship with your feminine soul. Other key aspects of healing from an ED are not addressed in this program - which is why we are advising anyone actively struggling with an eating disorder to also seek adequate advice from their medical providers. 

Is this only about eating disorders?

Not at all! Check out the sneak preview into our program above. The program includes tools & practices from both Emilie and Anne-Claire's backgrounds & trainings. We will be linking those to disordered and limiting patterns in our lives, and doing what we call "soul work". Which means eating disorders is one of many scopes and contexts these can be applied to!

When and where does this program take place?

This is an online journey - all workshops and practices will be online (recorded and live).

The journey starts officially in February 2023 and will finish in April 2023.

Live workshops will also be recorded in case you cannot join us as they take place.

Live workshops will take place on Thursdays.

Under which conditions is this program refundable?

This program is not refundable.

We DO want you to get SO much from this journey. We have organised a program that is life-expanding and ambitious AND has clear content and accountability built in to support you.

How much does this program cost?

Early bird pricing is 1.222 EUR (VAT incl.) while the full price is 1.555 EUR (VAT incl.)

The investment in myself

Regular Pricing
€ 1.555

Early Bird
(until September 17th, 2022 at midnight)

€ 1.222

Insert the Promotion Code "EARLYBIRD"

Summer Bird
(until August 31st, 2022 at midnight)

90 minutes - with Emilie or Anne-Claire (YOU CHOOSE!) - value of 150 €
Insert the Promotion Code "EARLYBIRD"


Terms & Conditions

Price includes:

  • Access to the 10-week program online, i.e. video recordings & written material shared by the facilitators + 10 live workshops, access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the program (will be closed at the end of January 2023)
  • If signing up with the August bonus: a 1:1 session with Emilie or Anne-Claire
  • Priority access to the REwild REnourish retreat in 2023

Price excludes:

  • Anything not included in the list above ("price includes")

Cancellation & refund policy:

We reserve the right to cancel the program if less than 6 people sign up for it - in which case a full refund minus Stripe payment-processing fees will be refundable. You will however keep access to Emilie or Anne-Claire for a free 1:1 coaching session worth 150 EUR.

If you cancel for any reason, it is non-refundable. 

Please carefully read the following:

“I understand that this program is not a replacement for therapy or treatment. I understand that none of the organisers is a licensed professional and cannot provide medical or psychological advice. I understand that the organisers are not responsible for me, my condition, or the decisions I choose to make.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and save for cases of serious or intentional fault or gross negligence the organisers cannot be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of my participation to the program. 

I confirm that I am medically stable, 18+ years of age and willing to participate in this program.

I am aware that the group workshops will be recorded and made available for all participants by being uploaded online (only available with the specific url. - not made public).“